Lara Fabian - You Are My Heart


قیمت : رایگان


How did I ever get to heretranslate

Why do I need youtranslate

Why do I have to cry these tearstranslate

Where do they lead totranslate

I used to be so strong alonetranslate

When I was standing on my owntranslate

Now I don't know what to dotranslate

Was I too proud or just too blindtranslate

What does it mattertranslate

When love was in these hands of minetranslate

I let it shattertranslate

The pieces scattered to the windtranslate

I'll never have them here againtranslate

But I'll remeber how we weretranslate


The rest of timetranslate


You Are My Hearttranslate

How could I ever let you gotranslate

You are my soultranslate

I had to lose my soul to knowtranslate

How much you meantranslate

To me, You Are My Hearttranslate

I think I see you everywheretranslate

Isn't that crazytranslate

I still reach out to feel you theretranslate

Lying beside metranslate

I've learned a lot since you've been gonetranslate

About what I am and what I wanttranslate

I know I only want to be in love with youtranslate

Repeat chorustranslate


Theres the sun to light the daytranslate

My colors turned to graytranslate

The day I saw you walk awaytranslate

Now there's nothing left to saytranslate

But when I dream, I pray(I pray you were there)translate

That life could be like yesterdaytranslate

Repeat chorustranslate