Lara Fabian - The Last Goodbye


قیمت : رایگان

We can run away togethertranslate

If that's what you wanttranslate

We can hide away forevertranslate

If that's what you wanttranslate

So just close the doortranslate

Let nobody else in our headtranslate

Close the doortranslate

We can lay right heretranslate

In our bedtranslate


'Cos anything elsetranslate

Is wasted timetranslate

You're all that I wantedtranslate


Out of my lifetranslate

Just let me grow oldtranslate

Here by your sidetranslate

Until the end of timetranslate

Till The Last Goodbyetranslate

Let's just live here in the momenttranslate

Sharing something realtranslate

Let's not spend these ours talkingtranslate

Just give me something I can feeltranslate

Oh cometranslate

Close to metranslate

Let no ray of light in betweentranslate

Close to metranslate

We don't knowtranslate

Where I end and you begintranslate




Let's shut the world outtranslate

See a chance and let's take ittranslate

Seize on the momenttranslate

And baby let's make it outtranslate

And we'll work it out somehowtranslate

How to live in here and now